Lawyers in L&K’s Intellectual Property Practice are experienced in all aspects of trademark and copyright practice relating to registration, maintenance, licensing and enforcement, including protecting internet domain names associated with your trademark and legal issues in e-commerce and traditional advertising and marketing. Our expertise was developed from protecting well-known and highly valuable trademarks and copyrights as senior in-house counsel at a large multinational company and in private practice at both large, international law firms and small boutique intellectual property law firms.


L&K advises it clients on the selection of marks, assessing both the availability and registrability of the marks and determining the scope of protection in the marketplace. We have experience in prosecuting and managing intellectual property portfolios for a wide variety of businesses, including advertising and marketing companies, the apparel industry, food manufacturers, land developers, and motor vehicle manufacturers and distributors. We have provided training on a wide spectrum of intellectual property issues and have created reference and training manuals, guidelines, flow charts and timelines in connection with all of these various topics. We recognize the importance of establishing an online presence and are experienced in issues involving the acquisition and protection of domain names, as well as protecting your trademark and copyrighted material online.


L&K recognizes that both implementing and executing an appropriate enforcement strategy is critical to creating and maintaining a meaningful and valuable intellectual property portfolio. We work with our clients in developing enforcement plans and strategies for each of their properties. We have significant experience in researching, preparing and/or responding to cease and desist letters. Our experienced litigators have handled traditional trademark and copyright law cases as well as disputes in other cutting-edge issues emerging from the internet. We have represented clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including opposition matters, cancellation matters and ex parte matters. With respect to the internet, we advise our clients on registration and protection strategies for domain names and are experienced in using all the options for timely and practical conflict resolution through the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution for Assigned Names and Numbers (UDRP) procedures, as well as the courts.


L&K is well-versed in drafting and negotiating all manner of intellectual property contracts and provisions, including merchandise and other trademark license agreements, trademark purchase agreements, software license agreements, advertising agency agreements, co-marketing agreements, promotional agreements, confidentiality agreements, and design and development clauses and agreements. Having challenged or litigated intellectual matters over the years, we are also well versed in advising clients on all aspects of trademark and copyright issues arising from their brand or name.