...our pledge to you is to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions...

Why We Created L&K

Kevin Lamb and Tom Kawakami shared a common vision: To create an entrepreneurial law practice with a business culture based on trust and passion that cultivates an environment where the attorneys, staff, clients and their businesses will flourish. Their mission was to build and strengthen long-term relationships with their clients by becoming trusted business advisors. This required teaming with other lawyers who had the fundamental background experience and expertise to provide comprehensive legal advice and business counseling and who, above all, shared Kevin’s and Tom’s vision of establishing a collaborative partnership between L&K and each client. With the addition of Patrick Rendon as an equity partner, they found a litigator with a like attitude and mindset. Since April 2002, L&K has grown to fourteen lawyers and five paralegals, each of whom shares the original core vision of the firm. The benefits to our clients are measured by successful closings and by the resolution of disputes, either through settlements or successful verdicts. We understand that our clients are best served by having time to focus on, and invest in, their businesses rather than on their legal concerns. We also strive to resolve legal issues expediently and with an eye towards a resolution that creates value to our clients whenever possible.

L&K also stands for Law & Knowledge: Our expertise in the Law cuts across a wide spectrum of practice areas. The benefit of this expertise is compounded by our in-depth Knowledge and appreciation of all facets of our clients’ businesses and business goals. Our partnership includes lawyers with years of practice with major firms and, importantly, their well-developed legal skills will be directly applied to your matters. The lawyer you meet is the one who will handle your matter; there is no passing off of a file to someone else. Our substantial experience enables our attorneys to develop unique and unorthodox solutions which go beyond a recitation of the current state of the law or arriving at a dead-end conclusion that a solution does not exist. Rather, we see ourselves as trusted business advisors who, based on our backgrounds, are comfortable in making recommendations that are based not only on legal principles but also on our grasp and understanding of your business objectives. An important element of the value we deliver is to explain legal considerations and risks (including litigation and liability risks) so that our clients are able to evaluate and fully appreciate their options and our recommendations as they work through the decision-making process.

...we have a team-approach with our clients based on mutual respect and trust...

A Commitment to Client Relationships

L&K’s philosophy is centered on thoroughly understanding our clients’ business and goals. We achieve this by fostering client relationships and by maintaining a direct line of communication with our clients. L&K values the mutual respect and trust that is earned through our long-term relationships with our clients. We understand and appreciate that each client has their own way of doing business, and we tailor our approach to fit the specific needs and goals of each client.

When you entrust us with your legal matters, our pledge to you is to deliver practical and efficient solutions that are beneficial to you on all fronts. We are proud of the fact that in this highly competitive legal market, our clients continue to entrust us with their new matters.

Strength in Diversity

L&K is a certified minority owned law firm. At L&K, our strength is in our people. Throughout the growth of L&K, we have focused on establishing a team of exceptional partners, associates, paralegals, and support staff who enhance and expand our capabilities. We are proud of the diverse ethnic, legal, and business backgrounds and experiences of everyone at the firm. We are steadfast in our commitment and ensure that both diversity and inclusion are integrated into L&K’s culture and the way we do business.