Negotiation: Over time, carrying on a business through a partnership or a closely held corporation may no longer be beneficial: partners may have diverging goals or may wish to cash-out in a manner that ensures that successors and heirs are benefitted. Our business attorneys work closely with our tax and estate planning attorneys to develop succession and estate plans that meet the goals of all concerned. Our business attorneys also work closely with our trial attorneys when a dissolution arises from less favorable circumstances such as: a breach of fiduciary duty; management and control is in dispute; there are differing goals and plans; there is an involuntary withdrawal or desire to terminate one of the partners; or where there has been a usurping of a corporate opportunity or a violation of a non-compete agreement. Our attorneys have substantial experience in resolving any types of partnership or shareholder issues and disputes both within the legal framework while keeping an eye on the psychological and other less-legal motivating factors that often permeate these negotiations.


When an amicable settlement is not possible our knowledge of the corporate code, permissible corporate action and pre-judgement remedies allows our clients to keep the business running while litigating any issue. L&K has successfully litigated and often mid-litigation settled these cases in a wide variety of contexts and industries.